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My name is Evgeniya Kirpicheva and I have been fencing for 12 years.  Some people are forced to commit to a sport as youth; as a result they hate that sport. Fencing and I have the opposite relationship: I am absolutely in love with the sport.   My Username fencer4life is true..fencing really is my life. I am going to use my blog to share my deep knowledge about fencing with you all.  Fencing is not the most well-known sport.  As an NCAA athlete, I have experienced the shadowing effects basketball and football cause over my sport.  There aren’t very many famous fencers, although fencers are becoming well-known in large market cities.  Our primary marke are ourselves, fencers. We keep up to date with information on websites, rankings, and fencing in the news.  I would like to change our lack of relevancy to the world.  A sport as interesting and fascinating as fencing has to become more mainstream.

Fencing was in the first Olympic Games, and has managed to forge a friendship with the IOC.  Part of the reason fencing is not mainstream is it’s complexities. Not only are the rules complex, but getting good at fencing is not simply muscle development and the gym. Fencing is described as physical chess. It takes brains, maturity, physique, attention to detail, bravery, and courage under fire. I would love to raise awareness of fencing on the National and International levels, but I understand I lack the resources to do so. Rather I will use our class as a target audience, and attempt to make them aware of sport, and possibly to convert quite a few to become fencers.

Welcome to the Fencing World

Introduction to Fencing with Dagmara Wozniak.

            Modern Fencing features three distinct weapons. The three weapons are Foil, Saber, and Epee. Each weapon has its own shape, rules, and great athletes.  Normally as children we are chose to specialize in one weapon, and progress in it. However it wasn’t always this way. It once was believed that all athletes should start with Foil for two years and branch off.

Valentina Vezzali (ITA) and her coach

Foil is the most classical of the weapons. The target in foil fencing is the front and the back of the torso from the waist up. Recently the neck has been added as target, and is protected by a bib. If you have seen fencing in a ballet you have probably seen foil fencing. Foil fencers are only allowed to hit with the point, commonly described as a thrusting motion. Foil fencing features an off target light in case you hit any non-valid area of the body. It is the second fastest weapons with matches usually lasting around 15 minutes. Some of the strongest Foil Fencers in the world are Nam Hyun Hee of Korea, Valentina Vezzali and Elisa Di Francisca of Italy.

Saber is the most aggressive of all of the

Sophia Vilikaia (RUS) conquers Gold Medal in NY World cup

weapons. In Sabre the Target is everything from the waist up. Saber is the type of fencing mostly embodied in swashbuckling movies such as the Mask Of Zorro. Saber Fencer’s score with any point on the blade, making their movements inherently less precise, and more exciting than those of foil. Sabre Fencer’s tend to be aggressive, domineering, and control freaks. Sabre Fencing is the most athletic of all of the fencing weapons with individual touches ending in as fast as three seconds. Full matches in Sabre rarely last upwards of 10 minutes. The strongest Sabre fencer’s in the world are Mariel Zagunis of USA, Sophia Velikaia of Russia and Olga Kharlan of Ukraine.

Russian Olympic Champion Pavel Kolobkov

Epee is the slowest of all the weapon. In epee the whole body is the target, so every movement must be extremely conscious. Epee takes around 20 minutes per match, and can get extremely aggravating to watch. As in foil, epeeist only score with the tip therefore they also participate in a thrusting motion. Epeeists are the most patient, and often described as the most neurotic in fencing. See a guy with pink hair? Chances he is an epee fencer at heart.

Private Fencing Lesson with Sergey Isayenko

MFC Coach Sergey Isayenko and one of his young students

I recorded my video at the Manhattan Fencing Center on November 19th, 2011. Again I had the pleasure of using National Team Member Daryl Homer as a reference. In the video we decided to watch a lesson with Junior National Team coach Sergey Isayenko. Again these two people were chosen because of a variety of reasons. Sergey was chosen because of his prodigious rise as a coach, and his strong career as an athlete. Sergey is an NCAA Champion from St. John’s University, Ukranian National Champion, and multiple times Junior National Team member. Sergey also coaches many of the young fencers at the Manhattan Fencing Club, so I was able to record one of his private sessions with a student. These sessions are extremely valuable for a student, because they provide individual focus for a variety of the different fencing movements. The lessons also serve as a basis for a fencer’s introduction to new techniques and tactics.


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  1. I’m in my early 30s and I’ve always wanted to get into fencing, but there are no fencing schools around where I live. It’s not the kind of sport you can practice alone, either. It kinda requires another person, so I really regret it. It’s not fair. I think everyone who wants learn fencing should be able to.

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