Great Performance of the St. John’s Fencing Team at the Brandeis Meet!


Members of the St. John's Fencing Team at the Brandeis University Meet

This St. John’s Red Storm has returned from the 2011 Brandeis Invitational. The Red Storm put in an even more dominating performance than it has in previous years. Numerous Red Storm athletes banked in undefeated performances. Many also showed huge gains over their success in the past years meet.

Fencing without Daryl Homer, who has chosen to take a year off to make the Olympic Games, the St. John’s Men’s Saber Team put on a great show. Sean Buckely (14-1) described his result as, “I am really satisfied with this meet. I wasn’t sure how our team would be able to respond without Dagmara and Daryl. It’s great to see us working together, we are going for the gold this year”. Alejandro Rojas also turned in a 14-1 performance. Overall the Men’s Saber Team went undefeated winning all of their meets.

We are St. John's

The worst result is the Women’s Epee tournament was 3 losses. As a unit the girls went undefeated against all of their counterparts. Zsofia Fath was undefeated, Alina Ferdman lost 1 match, and Isis Washington lost three. This is a huge improvement for the girls who won 12 and 11 matches respectively at NCAA. In Women’s foil our girls continued to dominate as myself, Irina Koroleva, and Melissa Corona won all of our meets. This was particularly satisfying for Irina and myself because we finally had a strong third fencer.  Men’s Epee featured the usual dominating performance from Senior Marat Israelian. Not only has Marat recovered well from his injury, but he appears to be in the best shape of his life! We are all extremely excited to see his health improve. Overall St. john’s seems to be on the right path to an NCAA Championship. We have finally filled a lot of wholes, and appear to have crossed the mental barriers needed for Greatness.


rina Koroleva, Evgeniya Kirpicheva and Alanna Dunn


Irina Koroleva (STU) against Rada Sarkisova (ND)


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