2011 Fencing World Championship in Catania, Italy!


US Fencing national team Member Daryl Homer

The 2011 Fencing World Championship was held in Catania, Italy from October 8th to 16th.

The New York based Men’s Saber Team turned in their best performance of the season. The team secured an 8th place finish losing to #1 ranked Italy 45-42 and #3 ranked Romania 45-41. The team all bust shored up it’s rode to Catania. Leading Team USA was 21 years old Daryl Homer, competing in his third Senior World Champion. Although, the youngest on the team, Daryl was able to lead Team USA to victory, and showed the best overall statistics of all of his teammates. Unfortunately the US Men’s Saber didn’t do as well as they had hoped in the individual event. All of them succumbed to pressure and fell in the first round.

The US Women’s Foil team featured a surprise individual result! 17 years old Lee Keifer medaled at her third Senior World Championships, leaving everyone in awe. Coming into the tournament no one expected much from the young athlete, however she defied all odds. Keifer became the youngest woman ever to win a Senior World Championship medal. Her performance paced Team USA and lead to her qualification to the Olympic Games. The other foil girls turned in average performances.

Bronze Medalist of the 2011 Fencing World Championship Alex Kiefer

In woman’s sabre 2x Olympic Champion Mariel Zagunis made her way to the gold medal bout against a familiar opponent. Leading 13-6 Zagunis suddenly had a windfall and lost the bout 15-14. Zagunis disagreed with numerous calls, and may have let her anger get the best of her, however her silver medal is still a great results for herself and US Fencing. We are happy with her consistency and dedication, and all know that she will win a Gold Medal in London!


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