Sunday Practice at the Manhattan Fencing Club!


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        I shot my photo shoot at the Manhattan Fencing Center on October 29th, 2011. The photo shoot features a typical Saturday Afternoon practice at the Manhattan Fencing Center. The practices are primarily attended by younger athletes, who are using their Saturday mornings to do something productive. There are two coaches featured in the photo shoots. The first is Sergey Isayenko, who we discussed earlier on. The second coach is Senior National Team and Olympic Coach Yury Gelman. Yury Gelman also hails from Ukraine and has achieved noteworthy success as National Coach. On Saturday Mornings he attempts to create the next generation of strong American Athletes.

The hardest thing about the photo shoot was taking the action shots. Actions shots are difficult in every sport, but they are near impossible in fencing because of how fast everything happens. The movements in fencing are also completely unpredictable which presents another problem.  The fencing club is quite small, meaning that I was in danger every time I tried to get an action shot. Fortunately I was able to get a few. I played with the angles in which I took the shots; sometimes I took them from a low angle, while other times I took them at Standing height. I have a new found appreciation for people who are able to photograph fencing well, because I had to do many re dos.


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